SOW Sarawak Visit Long Lellang

We at HOSCAP Borneo believe that scientific research and community-based conservation go hand-in-hand. As there is little meaning in doing conservation without the backing of scientific research, there is also little meaning in conducting scientific research when there are no tangible conservation benefits on the ground. With the end of field-work in the Sela’an Linau logging concession, HOSCAP Borneo teams up with the Society of Wilderness Sarawak ( 砂拉越荒野保護協會 SOW Sarawak) topave the way for a Nature (Appreciation) School to be established in the village of Long Lellang. SOW Sarawak will spearhead this initiative involving local communities and using the skills learned by HOSCAP Borneo field guides. Visitors to the Nature School will get a chance to experience life in the Kelabit Highlands, go trekking and camping into the mountains of Murud Kecil, visit neighbouring Penan villages, understand the usage of medicinal plants, and much, much more. We thank Coffee Chang and Sandra Wong of SOW Sarawak for their dedication and passion and for taking the initiative without waiting for “somebody else” to do it. We also thank them for allowing us to use their images. And we hope people will put words into actions by supporting this endeavour to find ways of preserving our natural world in the midst of widespread deforestation and habitat destruction. If you are someone who has said “What can I do?”, then this is the time and opportunity for you to do something!

All photos taken and provided for HOSCAP Borneo’s use by Sandra Wong, ©Society of Wilderness Sarawak

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