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What is HOSCAP Borneo?

HOSCAP Borneo is a research-based conservation project that studies small mammalian carnivores (such as civets, mongooses, martens, wild cats, and others) in a logging concession in Sarawak. The project has a particular interest in the rare and elusive Bornean endemic, the Hose’s Civet, a species little known to science. HOSCAP Borneo aims to recommend guidelines and management strategies that would ensure the conservation and long term survival of small carnivores in logging concessions in Sarawak.
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Why the Hose’s Civet?

The Hose’s Civet is found only in Borneo and has been described as ‘one of the world’s least known carnivores’. What little scientists know of the species comes primarily from 17 museum specimens worldwide. Very few individuals have been sighted in the wild and there are no Hose’s Civet in captivity anywhere in the world today.
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Click for image gallery - Hose's Civet

Hose’s Civet – Diplogale hosei

All images © HOSCAP Borneo

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